Support Groups

Upcoming and Ongoing Support Groups:

New Vibes: Stress Support Community- This is an open and ongoing support group for anybody who is looking for support and encouragement as they are managing daily stress or anxiety. You will have opportunities to find peace and positivity in your days from wherever you are with resources and support that you will be able to access in our private online group!

This will be an ongoing and open support group, open to anybody 18 and older, with encouragement from myself and your peers, including: tools for managing stress and creating more focus and productivity, accountability, prompts for discussion, video check-ins, Q&A, relaxation and self-care suggestions, guest speakers and teachers, challenges to consider, giveaways, and there will be a focus on mindfulness, cognitive, behavioral, creative, and body centered practices. You won't want to miss everything that this community will have to offer! Plus, you will receive a copy of my 21 Days of Intentionality: A Simple Guide for Mindfulness in Your Busy Life.

The monthly cost is just $10.


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Fee is due at time of registration.

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